BK Medical's range of premium performance ultrasound systems and innovative, unique transducers address the specilialized needs and clinical challenges of physicians worldwide. Read more about our
state-of-the-art transducers.

The top-of-the-range system of the flex Focus™ family, featuring Quantum Technology™, it is compatible with BK's transducers and is an ideal solution for surgery, general imaging, high-end urology, and other clinical needs.  

The highly efficient UltraView 800 provides advanced imaging technology with superb HistoScanning*** and Vector
Flow Imaging** (VFI) capabilties.


The midrange system in the flex Focus family, featuring Quantum Technology, it is an ideal flexible system for high end urology, general imaging, gynecology and other applications.

BK Medical presents the flex Focus 400 Anesthesia. A system equipped with Quantum Technology and designed for anesthesiologists.



The flex Focus 400 is an ideal solution for private practice and office urology. This system provides excellent mobility and efficient workflow.

The flex Focus 200 is a basic system with
best-in-class performance.


** Vector Flow Imaging (VFI) is not licensed by Health Canada.
***HistoScanning™ is not market cleared by the FDA for sale in the USA and has not been licensed by Health Canada.